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Nov 25, 2012 9:00pm EST
of the ballot design in florida and the weather in the florida panhandle. there's nothing more random than the weather in florida. if you run history a million times, random events make different people win -- different likely hoods of winning. running that election a million times, you get george w. bush 400,000 times and john mccain 100,000 times. a lot of people. people who are at the center of the distribution, likely to win, people who have been thoroughly evaluated, filtered by the process. another way i describe it is filtered leaders. they are similar. they have a lot in common p each -- a lot in common with each other. if you get power by bypassing the process, something happens so the process is not able to thoroughly evaluate you, and in the process recognize that you are not what it is looking for for whatever reason and stop you from gaining power, then those people, i call them unfitterred, can be on the extreme of that distribution of people who might possibly gain power. >> host: so these people are not stopped, even though the deck is stacked against them? >> guest: that's
Nov 26, 2012 12:00am EST
of the weather in the florida panhandle. i can't think of any more random. if you run history a million times they would make people win differently cui hodes you would get george w. bush 400,000 times and al gore 400,000 times and john mccain 100,000 times. people that are at the center of the distribution, people that are likely to win, people that have been thoroughly evaluated and filtered by the process. another way with filtered leaders they are very similar. they have a lot in common with each other. but if you can get power in bypassing the process of something happens so that the filtration process isn't able to thoroughly evaluate you in the dalia vision process recognizing that you are not what it is looking for for whatever reason and stopped you from getting power boats can be in the end of the distribution of people that might gain power. >> host: these people are not stopped even though the back is stacked. >> guest: sometimes it might not be stacked against them to the evaluation process can't be triggered if you inherit the control of your company you are inheriting said the
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Nov 26, 2012 3:00am PST
bombshell evidence that could have changed outcome in the casey anthony murder trial. police in florida now admitting that they missed a google search done by someone in the anthony household for the temple "foolproof suffocation." the search done the same day two-year-old killly was -- killly anthony was seen alive t. may have called the claim of accidental death into question. even her defense attorney says he was shocked it never came up in court. >> steve: over a dozen people in pakistan died after drinking cough syrup. it happened in the eastern city of lahor. cops say the victims were all drug addicts who were drinking the medicine to get high. the manufacturer has been arrested and the factory has been shut down, as well as several pharmacies selling that particular cough syrup. it is currently being tested. >> brian: hostess, which was forced to close its doors due to union demands has left the country hungry for twinkies. this is especially true in florida where one bakery is selling them for 50 cents. >> it's sad they're not going to know what twinkies are. >> it's just sad that a
Nov 26, 2012 6:00pm EST
florida? jeff? >> caller: hey, jim. i saw facebook was up today, but knowing that the new ad blocker app has been released for android devices, how is that going to effect the company? >> it's going to be okay. facebook has the sponsored story thing. really good piece by sanford bernstein today about facebook. that guy hated it when it was right to hate it. he told you to stop hating it at the bottom. tells you to buy it below here. he's my guy. i believe in facebook at these levels. my kids were on facebook a lot this weekend. okay. how about joe in mississippi? joe? >> caller: hello, jim, how you doing? >> hey, doing pretty well. how about you? >> caller: good. okay. mmr, had a rough day today. down 22.5%. >> this one is too hard. it is just entirely a speck play on this davy jones locker, davy jones, well, i'd rather, you know -- sleepy dreams. show what i mean here. no. mmr, hold it until it goes back over 10 then sell it. i think i'm done waiting for mmr to go to 25. i need bob in massachusetts, please. bob? no doubt a patriot fan. bob? >> caller: yes, i am. and mr. cramer, a big ho
Nov 26, 2012 2:00am EST
-- florida, republican caller. caller: i'm curious, the democrats, they control the white house, the senate come of all these cuts she is talking about, so many less teachers, i am curious, what does she think -- who does she think is causing that? is she blaming the republicans? it is strange how all these cuts -- guest: i am not blaming anybody right now. i am trying to give an example of what would happen with these cuts. i agree -- i agree with republicans when we say we cannot waste money. we cannot waste money with bureaucracy. we are really pushing to make sure there is an audit, for example, of all the money spent on testing. but at the end of the day, what the recession did was a state after state after state cut a lot of money out of public education. kids suffered for it. what the federal government has done in education is it is a backstop -- it helps kids who are most in need. that is why a lot of funding like title 1 goes to kids in rural or urban areas who are most in need. what i am saying is that every day until the december deadline -- let's solve it, but you cannot cut yo
Nov 26, 2012 7:00am EST
on to wanda in florida. hi, wanda. caller: i have a question for you. i paid into social security. i now get social security benefits. every month i have premiums coming out of my check. how can you consider them as socialist programs. we paid into them. host: stay on the line. guest: i also get social security and i pay my medicare premiums. i'm in the same boat she is. the benefits that are being paid a much greater than the amount repaid in. -- then the amount we pay again . they're not actuarially sound. we have to look at it to see to have these programs solvent for the next 20, 30, 40 years and for my children that will be on social security and medicare 20 years from now. in terms of some of the other programs, it depends on what you're talking about. is it socialism to support cancer research or to build roads and bridges all over our country? i don't think so. is it socialism to help people when they are hurting because of terrible unemployment? i do not think so. i think we have a responsibility to be fiscally prudent. host: do you have a response? caller: it may be. how are you go
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6